My name is Michelle F. Krezanoski and I am a California Board of Behavioral Sciences licensed psychotherapist (MFC #52664) with a Masters degree in Integral Counseling. Since 2008, I have worked with adults, teens and children in San Francisco, the South Bay area, and Santa Cruz.

I currently have a private practice in Santa Cruz where I work with adults and older adolescents. My clients are curious about everything that's made them who they are and interested in the vast potential of what they might become.

I collaborate with folks who are burning with questions, fascinated by the intricacies of their minds yet driven to reveal its untruths, those who are awkwardly caught between life transitions, and those who have survived trauma to access their inner resources.

I specialize in:

  • Trauma resolution

  • Survivors of sexual abuse

  • Spiritual awakening support and integration

In addition, I have successfully worked with:

  • Acute traumatic events

  • Adolescents: family & identity issues, trauma, depression & anxiety

  • Anger & rage

  • Anxiety, panic, obsessions and compulsions

  • Body-image & eating-related issues

  • Break-ups & divorce

  • Creativity

  • Depression

  • Dreams, active imagination, and shamanic journey practices

  • Empathic, psychic & intuitive abilities

  • Grief & loss

  • High sensitivity

  • Jealousy

  • LGBTQQ issues

  • Life purpose & meaningful work

  • Meditation & spiritual practice

  • Frustrating relationship patterns

  • Parenting

  • Pregnancy, birth & postpartum issues

  • Substance abuse & addictive tendencies

  • Unexplained physical symptoms

In addition to providing psychotherapy for pressing issues, I facilitate depth work. This type of work appeals to those who want to develop themselves beyond adapting to the outer world, beyond successfully 'getting by.' This kind of journey takes as many forms as there are individuals. Working with one's nightly dreams is one way to receive guidance in this process, and one that I've found to be very rich.


If you do not get it from yourself,
Where will you get it?
— Zenrin-kushū